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DIY Rug Backer

Recently I had hardwood floors installed in my condo.  That was my first large home improvement project since buying the place 2 years ago. When I moved in, there was ratty old beige carpet with scratches and frays from the previous owner’s dog. Also there was always a weird, not bad, but weird smell in the condo. Once the old carpet was removed the smell vanished with it. Added bonus!

My Fascist condo association requires if we install hardwood floor to cover 75% of it with rugs. Womp womp! What’s the point of having beautiful floors if you have to cover them. But I’m a good little owner and complied-ish.  I covered about 40%. I already had one throw rug in front of the sofa and I bought another to put under my television stand. Being the frugal person the new rug  was very inexpensive but cute.

Front of rug

Ain’t it cute!?! BUT being so cheap it did not have non-slip backing on it and I was afraid it would slide around and scratch my lovely new floors.

Back of rug

So I looked online and in stores for rug backers. But the prices in my opinion were high for something that would never been seen. So I got to thinking about what I could use in place of a formal rug backer. Then I remembered what some of my ingenious Occupational Therapy colleagues have used at work to stop things from sliding around — Dycem! If you are not familiar with Dycem imagine if Fruit Roll-ups were plastic. It’s a plastic material that’s sticky on both sides and is magically  reusable a million times before it loses it’s stick.  It even comes in rolls like Fruit Roll-ups.

But Dycem has about or even a higher cost than rug backers. So a cheap alternative some Occupational Therapists use is shelf liner. The rubbery waffle pattern kind. Not the one that’s like wallpaper with a pattern on one side.  I found it at Target in the kitchenware section for around $6.

Con Tact shelf liner


I chose to not cover the entire back of the rug with the shelf liner.  Stretching my buck. I simply cut rectangles for each corner of the throw rug and two in the middle. Use the ridges on the shelf liner to cut straight lines.

Cutting the liner

Cut pieces of liner

Apply glue to the liner cut outs and adhere to the rug. Allow it to dry with the rug upside down for several hours or overnight. The glue will come through the holes slightly when wet so definitely allow it to dry completely before flipping it over.

Glue applied to liner

And you’re done. Easy DIY project.

Liner glued to rug

All that work and I put it under my TV stand so it’s definitely not moving around. Oh well this was a fun little project.

TV stand

In reality the pre-made rug backers for sale are not that expensive. But there’s something therapeutic about re-purposing an item.

Here a few other uses for shelf liner:

  1. Under potted plants
  2. On the legs of a table.
  3. Coasters
  4. On the dashboard to hold a cellphone in place.

Can you think of any other uses for shelf liner?

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