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Ubiquitous product samples

My Trip to the Ubiquitous Expo 2016

This past weekend I attended the Ubiquitous Beauty Hair and Health Expo in DC. I went with one of my good friends who is also sporting her natural hair. The event was held Saturday and Sunday, we went on Saturday. The cost of the tickets was very reasonable $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Of course me being the frugal natural that I am, I bought my ticket in advance to save the $5.

Based on other beauty and hair ‘expos’ I have been to, my expectations were not very high. However I was pleasantly surprised by this event. It was in a great venue, well organized and had a lot of vendors. There were also panel discussions, live performers, presenters doing live hair styling demonstrations and my favorite part, plenty of free samples. I even had a celebrity sighting of Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe.

Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe


Product Samples

Ubiquitous product samples


Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils product samples:Aunt Jackie's sample

Renpure Originals and Bella Curls samples:Bella Chic sample

Crème of Nature product samples:Creme of Nature sample

These expos are a good way to discover new hair products. Especially from smaller, independent companies.  Several major brand products were on display including Organic Root Stimulator (ORS), Cantu, Isoplus and Motions. But the majority of the vendors at the expo were smaller lesser known companies.  I find the smaller independent hair products often contain more natural ingredients and are handmade. Compared to being made in large vats in a mega production facility with many synthetic ingredients. Also it always good to support independent entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Check out some of these companies that were at the expo:

Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils

Bella Curls

Diva by Cindy

Fran Ngong Organic

Mielle Organics

Oyin Handmade

Renpure Solutions

Uncle Funky’s Daughter

I cannot wait to try these product samples and hopefully add to some my regular hair routine. I will definitely attend next year’s Ubiquitous Beauty Hair and Health Expo.


Have you ever attended a health and beauty expo?

Hello I’m Candice the creator of Frugally Fit and Natural. I want to help you live a healthy lifestyle without breaking your budget.

Target Clearance Haul

I used to love, love, love Target. I would make 2 or 3 Target runs a week. I faithfully read their weekly sales ads and checked their website for new coupons every couple of days. I also was on their list to have Target coupons texted to my phone. But my love of Target has faded.

Over the past year my Target runs have cut down to less than one a month for several reasons. The main reason is I have significantly cut out unnecessary spending. That One Spot or Dollar Spot or whatever it’s called now used to catch me every time. That’s that section right at the entrance to encourage impulse buying. They have anything from stickers to vegetable seeds to trash cans to miniature Christmas trees. I bought one of the Christmas trees and two packs of miniature bulbs to decorate it. Everything costs about $1 to $5 and you don’t actually need any of it. Also I noticed Targets prices have increased and the quality of their sales has declined.

To discourage impulse buying and not getting the best deal available, I plan out my Target runs before heading into the store now. First I only go if I need a specific item, then I check the Target Cartwheel app and the weekly sale. If you aren’t familiar with the Cartwheel app it allows you to get an additional percentage or dollar amount off specific items after you add them to your list in the app. The additional discount can range from 5% to 75% off the price of the item, including sale items and can be combined with coupons. So if you aren’t using this app download it before your next Target run.

Cartwheel app icon

My latest Target run was to buy Just Mayo mayonnaise. It’s my favorite new ‘healthy’ mayonnaise. They have plain mayo and different flavors. My favorite is the chipotle flavor. The best part is all their mayos are vegan, gluten-free and soy-free. Just Mayo was on sale for $2.99 and on the Cartwheel App with an additional 15% off. While on the Cartwheel app I found an offer for an additional 20% off all women’s clearance clothing. So my plan was to buy the Just Mayo and glance at the clearance clothes. I ended up buying three shirts, one pair of shorts and a two piece bathing suit.

Reg. $9 Paid $5 (not included in the Cartwheel savings)

Aztec print blouse

Reg. 19.99 Paid $11.18

Pink Blouse

Reg $19.99 Paid $7.98

Aztec Print Shorts

Reg $22.99 Paid $12.86

Striped Two Piece

Reg $17.99 each piece, Paid $7.18 each piece

The T-shirt was not on clearance so the extra 20% did not apply to it but I couldn’t pass up an inexpensive tee. The total for all six items at regular price would have been $107.95. With the clearance markdown, then the extra 20% from the Cartwheel app my grand total was $51.38! I would call that a pretty good deal.

And in case you were wondering I did buy the Just Mayo too. I tend to have shopping amnesia so I made sure I grabbed the mayo first before heading to the clothing section.


Have you ever gone in a store to buy a specific item then buy a bunch of other stuff except what you actually went to the store to buy?

Hello I’m Candice the creator of Frugally Fit and Natural. I want to help you live a healthy lifestyle without breaking your budget.