25 lb kettlebell

Quick Kettlebell Workout Video

Here’s a quick workout combining the three kettlebell movements I showed you in this post. In the video I am not using the kettelbell I bought on Amazon last year. I am using the new 25 lb kettlebell I bought after the other one.

25 lb kettlebell

This kettlebell is the same brand, CAP, as the 40 lb kettlebell but it is slightly different in that it’s not enamel coated. I find that I can grip this bell just a little better since it’s 15 lbs lighter  less smooth and slightly bumpy.  It’s very easy to handle and comfortable in my hands.

Here I am performing sets of 10 of goblet squats, single leg deadlifts and Russian kettlebell swings. I did an additional set of 10 of the single leg deadlifts to ensure that each leg  gets worked out twice.  Gotta keep it even!

This was my first time recording myself working out for others to see. It is definitely harder than it looks. Kudos to Denise Austin, Billy Blanks and Shaun T.  This was definitely good motivation for me to not rest in between sets. You will see my form went away on a few reps and I lost my balance a couple of times. But that’s what happens when you workout. Remember to keep your core tight, don’t rush through each sets and take rest breaks as needed. I hope you enjoy this workout.

Don’t have your own kettlebell – use a dumbbell.  Don’t have a dumbbell either – use a jug of water or just your body weight. You can certainly decrease or increase the repetitions.  Keep in mind lower repetitions are most ideal for increasing strength. And higher repetitions are more ideal for increasing endurance.

Exercise tips

  • Keep core engaged with each exercise
  • Don’t allow your torso to rotate (like mine) with the single leg deadlifts
  • Push knees outward with goblet squats
  • Don’t hyperextend your back when straightening up during the swings
  • Keep your head and neck in neutral looking straight ahead (I tend to look up when squatting)
  • Remember to BREATHE!!!

Have you worked out with a kettlebell before?

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