Harris Teeter Super Doubles

Harris Teeter is one of my favorite grocery stores here in Virginia. I have one within walking distance of my condo so I shop there frequently. Harris Teeter has locations here in Virginia and DC, Maryland, Delaware, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida. If you do not have a Harris Teeter in your area or have never been it one,d it’s your typical mass grocer with average prices and a good selection of major brand products and their own brand including an organic line. What makes them hold a special place in my frugal heart is their periodic Super Doubles special.

During the Super Doubles promotion Harris Teeters doubles coupons up to $2 face value. So that means your measly little $2 coupon becomes a $4 coupon!!! Woot Woot! So when I saw the Super Doubles promotion I quickly searched through my old coupon packets (never throw them away until all the coupons in them expire) and online coupons for any coupons $1 or more. Once I gathered all the coupons I could find for any products I need or may need I headed to Harris Teeter with a smirk on my face and reusable grocery bags in hand.

I planned this trip to only buy items that I had coupons for. I wish there were more coupons for fresh fruits and veggies though. So I’ll do my regular grocery shopping some other time – I needed to concentrate on the Super Doubles. It’s not a game people. Surprisingly, I only spent about 30 minutes in the store, everything I intended to purchase was in stock and I didn’t buy anything that wasn’t on my list or I didn’t have a coupon for. There were a few things I had planned to buy but changed my mind because it wasn’t as good of a bargain as I thought.

Check out what I bought:
Harris Teeter Haul

I know you’re wondering what I paid after all the coupons. The price before coupons was $40.01 and after the super doubles: $14.20!
Here’s the breakdown:
Ragu Pasta Sauce on sale for $1.78 used $1 coupon=Free
Barilla Pasta $2.49 used $1 coupon= $.49
Silk Yogurt on sale for $1.25 used $1 off 3 coupon= $.58 each (bought 3)
So Delicious Yogurt on sale for $1.25 used $1 off 3 coupon =$.58 each (bought 6)
Black Forest Organic Gummy Bears $1.49 used $1 coupon=Free
Black Forest Organic Gummy Worms $1.69 used $1 coupon=free (bought 2)
Oral B Floss on sale $2.99 used $1 coupon=$ .99
Oral B Pulsar Toothbrush on sale $5.99 used $2 coupon=$1.99
Tampax Pearl Tampons on sale $3.99 used $1 coupon=$1.99
Energizer AA Batteries on sale for $5.99 used $1.25 coupon=$3.49

I think the deal on the yogurts was worth it alone. If you have a Harris Teeter in your area hurry and catch the Super Doubles promotion.

Do you use coupons when you shop?

And in case you thought I was kidding about saving old coupon packets. Here’s my current stash:

Pile o' coupons


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