About Me

Hello I’m Candice the creator of Frugally Fit and Natural. I am a single thirty something year old with no children living in the ‘V’ part of the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia).  I  currently work in the ever changing healthcare industry, as a Physical Therapist and am still paying off the student loans that helped me get into the field.  Since childhood I have always been fascinated with health after taking my first health class in the 6th grade.  I enjoy the scientific side of healthcare but also meeting new people and helping them.

I eat a mostly plant based diet and enjoy cooking at home as often as possible. Over the years I have evolved into eating my own special diet: no beef, no pork and no dairy. While I do eat poultry and fish, I do so very rarely. I have been sporting my natural 4b hair over 10 years now. I have been doing CrossFit for about two years and am amazed at the progress I have made over that time. I also enjoy spending time with my fabulous friends, running, grocery shopping and starting new craft projects (and never finishing most of them unfortunately).

Thank you for stopping by Frugally Fit and Natural. If you have any questions, concerns, beef, etc please feel free to email me at: Candice@frugallyfitandnatural.com.